From Finance to the Stars: My Journey from Banker to Astrologer

In the heart of the corporate world, amidst the spreadsheets and stock tickers, I never imagined my path would lead to the mystical realm of astrology. My name is Noel García Lagrenée, and this is the story of how a seemingly sceptical banker found profound purpose through the ancient practice of psychological astrology.

A Transformative Trip to Sri Lanka

It was 2011, and my wife and I decided to embark on a journey to Sri Lanka, seeking rejuvenation through Ayurveda at a resort recommended by our Ayurvedic doctor. In an unexpected twist, our doctor suggested we consult a local astrologer during our stay — a recommendation I met with typical scepticism. Nonetheless, my wife, more open to the idea, decided to give it a try.

Upon her return, she shared the astrologer’s intriguing prediction: she was told she was a doctor, she answered she wasn’t and the astrologer said she would become one then. At that time, my wife, 30 and deeply entrenched in her role as an internal auditor, found the prediction perplexing, if not outright implausible. We both shrugged it off, attributing it to the mystique and charm of cultural differences.

The Awakening Through Ayahuasca and Synchronicity

Fast forward 1 year, and our lives took another turn as we began exploring Ayahuasca ceremonies and psychotherapy. During this period of introspection and healing, my wife felt a strong pull towards a career change — from auditing to medicine. This newfound curiosity led us to a Western astrologer in London, and to our astonishment, the astrologer echoed the Sri Lankan prediction: my wife was destined to become a doctor or healer.

The synchronicity of these readings, separated by years and cultural practices, was a turning point for us. It wasn’t just a coincidence; it was a profound insight into the unseen threads that connect our lives to the cosmos. My wife, in the end, pursued a path in medicine and became a doctor, a decision that would forever alter our perception of astrology and its role in understanding our true potential.

My Own Astrological Epiphany

Seeing the transformative impact on my wife, I decided to confront my scepticism and have my own astrological chart read. This decision became a pivotal moment in my life. The reading provided clarity on my personal history, my intrinsic motivations, and the intricate dynamics of my relationships. More importantly, it illuminated a path forward that resonated deeply with my aspirations and values — a path that was radically different than being a banker.

The astrologer, who was also a teacher of psychological astrology, introduced me to a world where astrology was not just about predicting events but about understanding the psychological underpinnings of our existence. It was a revelation that transcended the financial metrics I was accustomed to and offered a holistic perspective on life and purpose.

Embracing Psychological Astrology

Empowered by these insights, I made the bold decision to leave my banking career behind and immerse myself in the study and practice of psychological astrology. This discipline, which merges the interpretive elements of astrology with psychological analysis, became my new passion. It offered a framework to explore the complexities of human nature, helping individuals uncover their true selves, navigate their life missions, and cultivate fulfilling, meaningful lives.

The Impact of Psychological Astrology

Psychological astrology provides a unique and profound way to understand oneself. Unlike traditional astrology, which often focuses on forecasting external events, psychological astrology emphasizes internal growth and self-awareness. By examining the birth chart as a map of the psyche, it reveals core personality traits, emotional needs, and potential life challenges. This deeper understanding can empower individuals to make informed decisions aligned with their true purpose.

Benefits of Psychological Astrology:

  • Personal Clarity: It helps individuals gain a clearer understanding of their inherent strengths and weaknesses, guiding them towards paths that resonate with their authentic selves.
  • Life Themes: It identifies recurring life themes and challenges, providing insight into key lessons and growth opportunities.
  • Relationship Dynamics: It offers valuable perspectives on relationship dynamics, enhancing communication and harmony with others.
  • Career Guidance: It provides direction for career choices, aligning professional aspirations with personal fulfilment.


My journey from banker to astrologer was marked by scepticism, curiosity, and ultimately, a profound transformation. Psychological astrology not only changed my life but also gave me the tools to help others discover their true potential and purpose. In a world where many are searching for meaning and direction, psychological astrology stands out as a powerful guide, offering insights that go beyond conventional methods of self-discovery.

As I continue to study and practice this ancient art, I am more convinced than ever of its ability to illuminate the path to a fulfilling and purposeful life. For those willing to explore its depths, psychological astrology can provide a roadmap to understanding oneself and living a life that truly aligns with one’s deepest values and aspirations.

Noel Garcia Lagrenee is now a Psychological Astrologer and has his own practice.

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